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Welcome to the Pathfinder Character Builder!

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PFCB Features

In the Character Builder, you can make as many new characters as you want, and edit them just as you would a paper character sheet. Unlike a paper character sheet, you will never have to manually erase and re-record calculations for Skill Bonuses, Attack Bonuses, Damage Bonuses, AC, Saves, CMB/CMD, or Initiative. The Character Builder also provides the benefit of in-app references to Skills, Classes, Spells, and Feats. This means that you never have to look up the text reference in a book, or Google it. It's all built in! Read up on some of the key features of the Character Builder below.

Ability Modifiers

PFCB will apply Ability Modifiers in all of the relevant places, as you update them. Those modifiers are used to automatically calculate things like your Attack Bonus for Weapons, your total Skill bonuses for all of your skills, and any other calculations based upon your Ability Modifiers. If you record a Temporary Adjustment (such as a temporary increase/decrease due to a spell, or an increase due to a magic item), that will be favored over your base Ability Modifier in any relevant places.


PFCB has built-in rules references for Classes, Skills, Feats, and Spells. This means that you don't have to go searching through a book, or turn to Google for looking up the text of any of these rules relevant to your character. Simply click the reference button () anywhere it is shown, and a window with the full reference text will pop up, allowing you to read up on the rule whenever you need to.

Customizable Attack and Damage for Weapons

PFCB allows you to customize up to 5 Weapons for quick calculation of your Attack and Damage bonuses. Just click the Edit Weapon button () in the Weapon header, and a number of input boxes will appear, showing the numbers currently being used to calculate Attack and Damage. You can add or remove any Ability Modifier from these numbers, adjust the Weapon's enhancement bonus (affecting both Attack and Damage), and add in any Miscellaneous modifiers you want to track (such as bonuses from Feats, Class Features, or any other source). Click the save button () and the calculation will be updated as the relevant Ability Modifiers are. If you ever want to view the calculations being used for these bonuses without clicking the Edit button, simply hover over the bonus number in question and the calculation will be displayed.

Helpful HP tracking

The HP block includes your Total HP, an input for notes on Damage Reduction, Current HP, an input for HP Adjustment, and Nonlethal damage tracking. To edit your Total HP, click the edit button () and type your new Base HP into the box. This Base HP will be used to calculate your Total HP (Base + (Character Level * Con Modifier)), which is what is displayed in the "Total" box after you click the Save button (). To edit your Current HP, either type a new number into the Current HP box, or type the amount of damage/healing you receive in the Adjustment box and click or .

The margins of the HP section will change color based on your Current HP and Nonlethal damage, based on the following table:

Color Condition Meaning
Full Health (Current HP - Nonlethal damage) >= Total HP
Some Damage (Current HP - Nonlethal damage) > 1/2 Total HP, but less than full
Heavy Damage (Current HP - Nonlethal damage) < 1/2 Total HP, but greater than 0
Staggered (Current HP - Nonlethal damage) = 0
Unconscious (Current HP - Nonlethal damage) < 0 OR Current HP <= 0
Dead Current HP < -(Con score)