Improved Familiar

This feat allows you to acquire a powerful familiar, but only when you could normally acquire a new familiar.

Prerequisites: Ability to acquire a new familiar, compatible alignment, sufficiently high level (see below).

Benefit: When choosing a familiar, the creatures listed below are also available to you. You may choose a familiar with an alignment up to one step away on each alignment axis (lawful through chaotic, good through evil).

Familiar Alignment Arcane Spellcaster Level
Celestial hawk 1 Neutral good 3rd
Dire rat Neutral 3rd
Fiendish viper 2 Neutral evil 3rd
Elemental, Small (any type) Neutral 5th
Stirge Neutral 5th
Homunculus 3 Any 7th
Imp Lawful evil 7th
Mephit (any type) Neutral 7th
Pseudodragon Neutral good 7th
Quasit Chaotic evil 7th
1 Or other celestial animal from the standard familiar list.
2 Or other fiendish animal from the standard familiar list.
3 The master must first create the homunculus.

Improved familiars otherwise use the rules for regular familiars , with two exceptions: if the creature's type is something other than animal, its type does not change; and improved familiars do not gain the ability to speak with other creatures of their kind (although many of them already have the ability to communicate).